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Micro USB OTG Adapter Female USB 2.0

 140.00  60.00

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Product details of Micro USB OTG Adapter Female USB 2.0

  1. High-speed data transmission
  2. Connect the mouse, don’t need to touch the phone screen
  3. Connect the WLAN card, you can use the internet any time
  4. OTG adapter can connect the keyboard to type
  5. OTG adapter can connect the U-disk/card reader to read the data
  6. OTG adapter can connect the gamepad,enjoy the USB2.0 fast transmission speed

Super Compatiblefor Macbook, letv, U disk, Mouse, Keyboard, Game handle.

Small and delicate, Easy to carry.

Plug and play, Fast and convenient.

Extended jack, no need to take off the phone

RA-OTG USB2.0/micro US

Compatible with all android phones and digital devices.

Colors: Gold

Size: 20*15*6mm

Suitable Model: All kinds of Micro USB port

Function: don’t need the computer to transfer, just directly connect the U-disk/ Card reader/ MP3/ keyboard/ camera

to transmit data.

Life time: terminal port test 1000 times, still can be used.

Connect the mouse, no touch screen operation.

Connect the wireless network card, at any time on the internet.


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